Bible Notes Online - Malachi 1 - ESV

v1-2: The Lord has a special place for Israel, "I have loved you," He declares. This is God's electing love, Rom 9.11-13. The apostle applies this statement as evidence of God's choice of Israel. In eternity past this nation was set apart for God. And God's love and election remained, even when the people became rebellious.

v3-5: To demonstrate His love for Israel, God is magnified beyond the borders of Israel. Esau (Edom) is mentioned here. Although Edom sought to rebuild his desolate land, that would be thrown down, and his plans frustrated, Obad 1-9, 15-16. "Your eyes shall see," declares the Lord to Israel; here is proof for unbelieving Israel.

v6: The Lord demands honour and respect from His people; this is His rightful expectation. Priests are picked out as those who fail in these things.

v7-8: Offering the Lord God the lame and the sick; a specific accusation, not giving what was commanded. Any human governor would reject such food; so why offer it to God? Do we think that we can give God what is leftover?

v9: In the circumstances, therefore, the proper response is to seek God's mercy.

v10: The Lord has no pleasure in their offerings; the offerings reflect a heart of complacency, and a lack of real devotion.

v11: The Lord's name will be great among the nations, whatever the attitude of the present day Jews, Rom 11.11.

v12-14: Their attitude is reflected in their complaint, "What a burden!" Putting their own interests first, they discover that the Lord's commands are a burden. We will only enjoy the practice of our faith, such as prayer and fellowship, when we have real devotion and commitment and faithfulness.

The Lord is not deceived; He is the Great King. Anyone who refuses, or neglects, to obey, will miss out on great blessings.