Bible Notes Online - 2-Kings 1 - ESV

v1-2: Ahaziah became king after Ahaz, his father. He only ruled for 2 years (1 Kings 22.51). Despite Elijah's demonstration of power at Carmel, Ahaziah consulted idols regarding his condition.

v3: Elijah heard the message from God. Again, we see that he was a man in touch with God. He intercepted the king's messengers, bringing a clear rebuke; had Ahaziah not learned from his father?

v4-8: Ahaziah questioned the returning messengers, and immediately recognised Elijah's description.

v9-12: Ahaziah's plan was to have Elijah arrested. He sent captain's of fifties to exercise authority over him, "Come down!" But Elijah was not subject to their authority. Indeed, the first two fifties were destroyed.

James and John thought that the same should be done for those Samaritans who refused to welcome Jesus, Luke 9.52-56.

v13-14: The third captain asked for mercy, which God honoured by preserving his life.

v15: God gave further instructions, sending Elijah with the captain.

v16-18: Elijah appeared before king Ahaziah. His message was not watered down, since he feared no man.