Bible Notes Online - 2-Chronicles 1 - ESV

v1: Solomon was blessed by God, God was with him. Solomon established himself firmly over the kingdom; the same words are used in 1 Kings 2.12; Solomon cleansed the land of those enemies within. We recognise that enemies within are more dangerous than those outside.

v2-6: Solomon sought the Lord. He first declared his intentions to the leaders of the nation, and then went to Gibeon. Although the ark had been brought up to Jerusalem, the bronze altar and the tabernacle remained at Gibeon. Similarly there were two lines of priests, even though Zadok had been anointed, 1 Chr 29.22. Solomon went to the place of sacrifice to meet with God.

v7: Solomon remained at Gibeon, where God met with him. His wonderful command, "Ask!" The Lord Jesus also encourages us to ask, Matt 7.7-8; 21.22. We struggle to grasp the staggering generosity of our God. He is always more willing to answer than we are to ask.

v8-10: Solomon's request started with an acknowledgement of God's blessings upon him. He asked that God would fulfil His promise made to David. He was conscious of the needs of the people, and his own weakness, and therefore asked for God's help and wisdom. It seems Solomon knew that we can do nothing without God.

v11-12: Solomon's heart; an answer to David's prayer, 1 Chr 29.19.

The Lord God honoured Solomon, giving him more than he asked for; he did not ask amiss. (James 4.3)

v13: Solomon returned from Gibeon, having received from God.

v14-17: Solomon began to accumulate wealth. He head horses and chariots from Egypt; see Deut 7.16; this may be considered a 'minor' error, but it was an indication of future failure and disobedience. We should seek to please God in all areas of our lives. The blessing of God on our lives does not guarantee our own faithfulness.