Bible Notes Online - 1-Samuel 26 - ESV

v1: Again, David was betrayed by the Israelites.

v2: Saul was back in pursuit of David, having forgotten his earlier remorse and his promise.

v3-4: David knew Saul's schemes, having scouts spy on him.

v5-8: At night, David was able to walk into Saul's camp. The Lord had put them all into a deep sleep, v12.

v9-11: David was more spiritual than Abishai, who would have killed Saul without hesitation. David maintained his attitude of respect for the Lord's anointed; to kill such a person as the Lord's anointed would bring guilt. He left the removal of Saul to God.

v12: The incident was 'arranged' by the Lord God. It exposed Saul's impotence and bad attitude, Abishai's vengeance, and David's godliness.

v13-16: David, having left the camp, called Abner, the commander of Saul's army. He had the responsibility to protect the king. David pointed out that he had failed to fulfil this responsibility.

v17-20: David then spoke to Saul. He spoke of his innocence, being guilty of no wrong against the king. But Saul had effectively driven David out of Israel, "Go, serve other gods", for outside Israel was only idolatry.

v21: Saul, as he had before, in 24.17-21, admitted his wrong.

v22-24: David testified that he would never kill Saul. He asked God to honour that attitude, and he asked Saul to do so also.

v25: Saul and David departed, never to meet again.