Bible Notes Online - 1-Chronicles 1 - ESV

These early chapters record the names of real people; they are evidence for the truth of Scripture. The genealogies are important, since a Jew would be required to trace his ancestors.

v1-4: From Adam to the sons of Noah. Adam was no less real than Noah. Also listed Gen 5.

v5-7: The sons of Japheth, from whom Europe was populated. See Gen 10.2-5

v8-16: The sons of Ham, who was cursed in Gen 8.18-27. From this line came many enemies of Israel; Nimrod, living in Babylon, the Philistines, and the Canaanites. See Gen 10.6-20.

v17-23: The sons of Shem. The narrative refers to the tower of Babel, where language was confused. This is the first historical event mentioned here; the earth was divided, as a result of man's pride and self-importance. See Gen 10.21-26.

v24-28: The line of Shem to Abram (Abraham) and his sons. Abraham had descendants through Ishmael (v29-31), Keturah his concubine (v32-33), and through Isaac (v34-37).

v29-31: The sons of Ishmael, the twelve princes (Gen 17.20). See Gen 25.12-18.

v32-33: The sons of Keturah, Abraham's concubine. See Gen 25.1-4.

v34: The two sons of Isaac were Israel (Jacob), see 2.1, and Esau.

v35-37: Esau's family. The rest of this chapter, listing the families of Seir and Edom. Esau was called Edom.

v38-42: The people of Seir, who dwelt in Edom.

v43-54: The 8 kings and 11 chiefs of Edom. See Gen 36.

Long before Israel had a king, Edom had had several. Esau was a carnal man, and his people followed his example. In contrast to the later kings of Judah, the kings of Edom had no continuing line. They also lived in two different cities, implying an on-going animosity.